Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rebates and more ---- Love getting mail !!!

Here's what I've gotten in the mail the last few weeks.

$15 in Pepsi coupons (for the MIR pepsi/tostito)

$15 Mastercard Gift Card (for the MIR Olay buy 2 get $15 GC)

$5 Quaker coupon off your next grocery order (for the MIR Quaker buy 5 products get $5 Qpon)

Coupon for Free Gillette Shampoo (for MIR for buying one Shampoo get coupon for free product)

***$2.00 Check for Sutter home MIR

****$2.73 Check for Palmolive Pure and Clear MIR

*****$7.50 Check for Coors Lite MIR

So I'll be adding $12.23 back into my budget for the rebate checks.

Blog to Date Spending: $759.97

Blog to Date Balance: $669.26 (after adding in rebate checks)

Blog to Date Retail: $2722.82

Blog to Date Savings:$1962.85

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