Friday, February 20, 2009

Target 2/20/09

My DD wanted to go get the HS Musical DVD that came out Tuesday. Took my coupon binder just in case, LOL. So anyways, had on read on HCW about the Kelloggs gift card deal.

5 - 12 pk boxes Poptarts $2.55 each (Buy 5 get $5GC)

6 - Starkist Tuna Creations $1.59

Used 4 MF's .75/1

Used 2 MF's B2G1 = $ .56 each

1 - Contour Breeze BGM $18.89

Used MF save up to $30.00 = FREE

1 - One Touch Ultra Mini = $18.89

Used MF save up to $20.00 = FREE

OOP: $19.02 Retail $62.45 and Got $5 GC

Blog to Date Spending: $686.30
Blog to Date Balance: $730.70
Blog to Date Retail: $2546.51
Blog to Date Savings:$18.60.21


  1. Just a quick did you get the Tuna for .56 each?

    3 packs tuna @ 1.59each= $4.77-1.59(B2G1)= $3.18/3....$1.06 each

    So where did the other .50/bag savings come from?

  2. Because I used the 75/1 MF's on the 4 I had to buy and used the 2 B2G1 Free MF's for the other 2. The coupon doesnt state that you cannot use coupons on the ones that you are buying. It is just taking off of one item. You are allowed to use one coupon per item. None of my coupons beeped. Hope this helps.

  3. Good Job! We are doing this too. Check out our blog @

  4. I never made it to Target back when this gift card deal was going on. Oh well, can't catch them all!