Friday, February 13, 2009


Like I stated when I started this blog I'll be adding my MIR's back into my budget. Ok I got back 3 rebates and I am adding that $$$ back into my budget. I got back $3.99 Excedrin, $2.99 Arm & Hammer Essentials, and $5.00 Zantac. So that's $11.98 going back in! The only thing I'm changing is adding the rebates to my balance I'm not changing my spending etc.... So at the end of the blog year my Blog to Date Spending may be higher than the $1400 but I am going off of the Blog to Date Balance which shows what I have left to spend for the year out of my $1400 budget.

$$$$ Back $11.98
Blog to Date Spending: $546.97
Blog to Date Balance: $865.03 (new balance after adding in the MIR's)

Blog to Date Retail: $2138.44
Blog to Date Savings:$1591.47

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