Monday, February 16, 2009

2/16/09 - CVS

Was reading on HCW and saw that there were some deals that I might be interested in; so off to CVS I went. Walked in the door and heard the voice of the not so coupon friendly mgr. Oh well, I'm still going to get my stuff. I only had coupons for the Airborne products.

Needless to say the Airborne Squid soap was clearanced, shelf was marked $2.00 so with my $2.00 off any Airborne coupon they should all three be free.

Well, nsf mgr decided to open register when she saw me in line. No problem, I'm not going to let her ruin my trip. Well, she went to ring in my Airborne coupons and told me I couldn't use them. I pointed out to her that the coupon states right across the good on any Airborne product and pointed to the label on the soap "by Airborne" she said, "Oh that's not why you can't use them, they are clearanced to $1.00 so the coupon exceeds the price." I said, "Ok, I'll take them anyway."

5 - Mylanta Ult. Cherry clearanced $3.50 each(buy 1 get $3 ECB. limit 5)

3 - Squid Soap clearanced $1.00 each

2 - Neutrogena Soap 3.5 oz $2.99 each (buy 2 Neutrogena products get $10 ECB)

Used $5.98, $7.99, & $10.00 ECB's

OOP $2.69 Retail $53.08 Got back $25.00 ECB's

Blog to Date Spending: $666.91
Blog to Date Balance: $745.09
Blog to Date Retail: $2449.45

Blog to Date Savings:$1785.54


  1. wow you did great! i totally missed the deal on the squid soap!

  2. This post made me laugh! My CVS has a manager very similar!

  3. Thank you Emalou and Mrs. RD I feel you. Some people get really offended by the nsf cashiers/mgrs I just smile and continue to be polite and pleasant no matter what their attitude or mood is. I think sometimes it upsets them more but I look at it like I'm being a good steward by using coupons and I'm not doing anything wrong so I cant control the way the feel only the way I react.