Saturday, January 24, 2009

Feeling better!!!

Although $73.00 OOP today was a little extreme. I stocked up on some things I needed. And all in all after RR's, ECB's, & MIR's -- I think I did pretty well. And that will help me to start rolling the RR's and ECB's again, which will lower my future OOP.

Todays' Tally:

$73.00 OOP
$10.00 RR
$13.00 ECB's
$2.73 MIR - Palmolive
$5.00 MIR - Coors
$15.00 Q's MIR - Pepsi

So considering OOP and rewards = I spent $73.00 but have/will get back $45.73 (for future purchases)
That's why I titled this post "Feeling Better!"

Thanks again and God bless to all of you that have decided to follow our blog.

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